Health Benefits

Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, our Rock Salt Lamps not only look great but can offer a range of health benefits:

Salt has long been known for its anti-inflammatory, decongestant, and anti-bacterial properties.


Hygroscopy is the process by which salt naturally attracts moisture from the air. The warmth of the Rock Salt lamp evaporates these water molecules, creating negative ions. The negativley charged ions attach to air born pollutants such as allergens and irritants, and draw them from the air.

Many published articles and scientific studies have reported that negative ions in the air can have positive effects. In 2003 the University of Leeds undertook a major epidemiological study at St James Hospital and found a remarkable anti bacterial benifit connected to the introduction of airborn negative ions. 

In addition to ridding pollutants from the air, the inhalation of microscopic salt particles, halotherapy, has been highly regarded in its ability to clean and clear the respiratory system and to speed up the elimination of toxins. 

Many consumers report that using Rock Salt lamps result in; fresher smelling air, reduced snoring, increased mental alertness, reduction (even elimination) of persistent allergy or mould-related symptoms. asthma, bronchitis and skin disorders. Of course, results vary based on the individual and the indoor environment in which these lamps are used.